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Physical Health and Spiritual Welfare have, since times immemorial, been inseparable priorities for mankind. Consulting the Oracle for guidance was one such custom of the ancients. In the absence of scientific knowledge the Oracle would perform mystifying rituals, often in a cave or grotto. Such rituals were enhanced by the use of substances like laudanum, belladonna or psychedelic fumes arising from an incense burner. The mystic or priest would then confer with the supernatural on questions raised by the afflicted or those seeking guidance. Often the message came in disguised prophesies, which needed interpreting by a priest. The most esteemed oracular God was the Greek Apollo and many shrines testify to his following. Stonehenge was perhaps the oldest and most ancient of all the temples dedicated to such practices. Click the picture to discover more.Click to discover Stonehenge mythology

From this communication with the supernatural, religions evolved. The sacred grotto became dedicated to a God or Saint, as was the case with the ancient Apollo. Many grottoes to this day are dedicated to religious deities. More recently Science as a means of understanding everything has came about, derived from the earlier discipline of Philosophy. Science was and is found by many to be a more effective way of making sense of the world in the pursuit of human welfare of the body and mind.
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As mankind relentlessly advances science, technology and the exploration of not only planet earth but the universe, the horizons for managing our welfare and destiny appear to be practically boundless. The Oracle now comes in the form of internet technology and by entering a key word we can search for the answer to our wishes. At the click of a mouse we can search planet earth for a facility or procedure that will offer us the miracle of health of body and soul. And yet the grotto remains in our mind-set as a symbol of mysticism and awe. We can only wonder at its origins and validity as we explore these creations of past beliefs and rituals.


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