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Awarded recognition as a Learning Fountain - "The Internet is a network; not a highway. It is there, not for a few to disseminate information. But for every visitor to learn. It is a network of Learning Fountains.
To be successful on the Internet your websiste - your Learning Fountain - must satisfy the learning needs of your visitors. Excellence on the Internet means building a Learning Fountain that influences visitors by helping them learn."

Winner of the Spider Food Award
The Spider Food Award - "The Spider Award is meant to recognize those sites and individuals that achieve Top Ten ranking with the major search engines.... the Spider Food Award is possibly one of the most objectively based awards on the Internet. That also makes it one of the hardest to achieve."

Winner of the Shadow Poetry Site Award
The Shadow Poetry Site Award - ".. to honor web designers who have put many hours of hard work and determination into their sites.They are the ones that make the Internet a better place to surf with pleasing content and design."

Rhonda's Expressions Choice Award
The Rhonda's Expressions Choice Award - ".. to recognize those sites that promote excellence in Internet Communications."

Winner of the Millennium Design Award
The Millennium Design Award - ".. recognize the talents and values of those sites out there that have been presented in such a way that the site is a cut above the rest."

Winner of The Idiom Sisters Award for Content-Rich Sites
The Idiom Sisters Award for Content-Rich Sites - ".. We like classy. Cohesive. Cogent. Clear.... Content is king, but Site Design and Navigation are vital members of the Royal Family. We appreciate good grammar and style, efficient communication, and regard for site visitors."

Winner of Tritia’s Gold Award of Excellence
Tritia’s Gold Award of Excellence - ".. your site is full of content, easy to navigate and well designed. It was really a pleasure visiting. I will definitely recommend others to your web site. The Spas Directory is an asset to the Internet Community and a role model of web excellence."

Winner of the Whispers Travel Award
The Whispers Travel Award - "You have a beautiful site with great content. We appreciate your hard work, and think it will benefit women everywhere."

Winner of Wildlife Tracker Gold Award
The Wildlife Tracker Gold Award - "... only those sites that show great design , with an emphasis on content. We review thousands of sites per month , this goes to show that your site is one of the best on the net "

Winner of Ray Grier's Webmaster Award of Excellence
Ray Grier's Webmaster Award of Excellence - ".. site was reviewed against the criteria and you have won the Webmaster Bronze Award!! Job well done!"

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