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We are each the inheritors and product of all that has gone before - people and places, past and present - exploring you - an insight into another dimension.

Scholars have debated the nature of existence since time immemorial. Such disciplines as astrology are now enjoying a new credibility as scientific rationale proves the correlation between planetary movements and archetypal patterns of human experience. It is well proven by widely respected researchers such as Gauquelin and Tarnas that there is a synchronicity at the moment of birth between planetary alignments and the individual's personality. Science however can not explain how this occurs. Such phenomenon has given rise to centuries of prediction and foretelling the future.

'The current body of accumulated data makes it difficult to sustain the modern assumption that the universe as a whole is best understood as a blind, mechanistic phenomenon of ultimately random processes with which every human consciousness is fundamentally incoherent, and in which the Earth and human beings are ultimately peripheral and insignificant. The evidence suggests rather that the cosmos is intrinsically meaningful to and coherent with human consciousness; that the Earth is a significant focal point of this meaning, a moving centre of cosmic meaning in an evolving universe, as is each individual human being; that time is not only quantitative but qualitative in character, and that different periods of time are informed by tangibly different archetypal dynamics; and, finally, that the cosmos as a living whole appears to be informed by some kind of pervasive creative intelligence - an intelligence, judging by the data, of scarcely conceivable power, complexity, and aesthetic subtlety, yet one with which human intelligence is intimately connected, and in which it can consciously participate'. (Tarnas R 2006 Cosmos and Psyche - intimations of a New World View, Viking, p. 489.)

It can be hypothesized that there are two essential states of 'being'. Firstly there is the natural world state, which exists for an individualís physical lifetime. Then there is the supernatural state. This is a timeless state of existence derived from the individual's persona and life story, often called the spirit or soul.

The spirit evolves during the natural world lifetime and perpetuates beyond the end of the physical life. Historically mankind has been aware of and devised means of communicating between the two states of existence. This has manifested itself in religions, oracles, psychics and many day to day experiences that are in some way linked to the supernatural; for example the passage of the spirit from the natural world to the supernatural world in near death experiences. Religious doctrines, prophets and spiritualism are cultural catalysts for communication and as such provide a framework that enables mankind to gain insight and manage the dual human predicament.

Scholars are unable to explain in scientific terms the supernatural existence. This is not surprising when we consider that physics can not explain the nature of mass in the universe. A new approach that disrupts our notions of time and our relationship to all around us is necessary. 'In the last analysis magic, religion and science are nothing but theories of thought; and as science has supplanted its predecessors, so it may hereafter be itself superseded by some more perfect hypothesis' (Fraser J in Tarnas p.492.)

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The foundations of the two states of existence:

The natural world is the world in which we live our day to day lives for our allocated period of time.

The supernatural world is where we all exist in spirit for eternity.

The natural world operates on a scientific rationale; the supernatural world defies this rationale.

Mankind has been aware of these alternative states of existence since time immemorial and has attempted to deal with the relationship between the two states through religion, folklore, myth and science in order to provide a framework for managing the scenario. Many would argue that human existence of earth has evolved to the point where science is no longer a rationale that will lead to greater human emlightenment.

Both states of existence are the product of the process of creation. The natural world is the dynamo of creation and the supernatural world is the temple of creation.

The supernatural has concepts that are alien to the natural world, for example the idea of right and wrong, time and space do not exist in the form that we know it in the natural world. Food for thought.......




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